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The first work in temporal bandwidth reduction for video was in 1929?

Work on motion-compensated prediction began in 1969?

Bi-directional coding has its origins in work performed by the US Army for remote-piloted vehicles (RPV)?

The perceptual coding forming the basis of all modern high quality audio compression schemes was first invented for speech coding in the 1970s?

I am writing a history of MPEG, tracing the development of each of the coding tools from its origins to the final form in the standard. Examples of major coding tools are the DCT, Motion Compensated Prediction and Variable Length Coding. Examples of minor coding tools are DC Prediction and Coded Block Pattern. The history is interesting because many techniques were developed early, before economical implementation existed, and were subsequently reinvented (probably in innocence) when serious attention was being paid to digital video. In other cases, techniques were developed for niche applications and published outside mainstream journals.