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VP Sales
VP Marketing
Product Manager


Product Planning
Expert in analyzing customer/market requirements and developing technical product specifications.

Expert in roadmap definition

nDSP – enhanced definition display chips for CRT and LCD
Samsung – MPEGXpress MPEG2 encoder; MSP media processor
Cypress – VRSP MPEG1 Audio/Video decoder
Sun Micro. Real-time image display system for medical and reconnaissance customers
I2S – Image processing workstations with image warping
ESL/TRW & Ford Aerospace – real-time softcopy display systems

Market and Competitor Analysis
Market and Competitor Analysis

Tracking developments by the key players in the following markets:

Video compression chips
Video display chips
Performing technology forecasts to anticipate future product timelines

Strategic Partnerships
Expert in drafting and negotiating strategic agreements covering sales and marketing, joint product definition and development, and licensing.
  Samsung MSP – Microsoft Talisman program and IBM
nDSP – Pixelworks (Company sold to Pixelworks)
Samsung – Daikin and Spruce (MPEGXpress product line sold to Spruce)

Sales and Distribution
Setting up and managing national sales reps (MPEGXpress)
Setting up and managing international distribution – Europe, Japan, China, Korea (MPEGXpress and nDSP)

PR and Product Launch
Zoran – VSP161 launch. Product literature, training materials and course
Samsung – MPEGXpress literature, trade shows, advertising, articles, training, national and international reps and distribution
MSP product launch, literature, analysts tour, trade journal articles, Siggraph and Hot Chips papers, press interviews
nDSP – Japan and China trade shows, CES